Superboy # 181 (DC Comics).

The US government tests Superboy by staging the apparent arrival of Jules Verne in a time machine. Superboy is convinced it is the real Verne because the signature on the letter which the time traveller is carrying matches the one on file in the Metropolis Library. As Verne says that he would like to see the scientific marvels which he had himself foreseen in the previous century, Superboy shows him America’s most advanced nuclear-powered submarine, an ‘underwater satellite’, an electronic mole-vehicle and the latest space rocket. At each exhibition, a serious accident occurs. U.S. secret agents later tell Superboy that he is a security risk because he believed the fake Verne’s story and showed him all the country’s secret technology. However, the photos the fake Verne had taken with a camera hidden in his walking cane turn out to be blank as Superboy had actually seen through the man’s pose and exposed the film to his x-ray vision. Two things gave ‘Verne’ away. Firstly, his clothes were made of nylon. Secondly, ‘Verne’ claimed not to like music when Superboy showed him ‘Beat’ music being performed live at a television station – yet, as Superboy recalled, the true Verne had written librettos for several operettas.

In the Legion of Superheroes back-up reprint story Lana Lang tries to join the Legion as Insect Queen but the team rejects her because her powers are generated by a ring. When an alien criminal called Oggar-Kan attacks Ice City in Antarctica, Lana helps the Legionnaires who are sent there to defeat their foe but she gets stuck in moth-girl form after she loses her ring. Light Lass finds the ring by making all objects in the vicinity super-light. Lana is then made a reserve member of the Legion.image-35

In this issue’s final story, Lana is teased by two female school-friends because her boyfriend Superboy is hardly ever around to spend time with her. Lana insists that things will be different after she and Superboy are married because she will make him have a regular job as an international travelling salesman, selling body-building equipment to men in need of developing greater strength all around the world (including communist males in the Soviet Union who currently get beaten up by liberated women if they ask for a kiss). Lana’s friends point out, however, that doing this will make Superboy guilty of misrepresentation as the body-building equipment he sells could never make his customers as powerful as himself. After saving some orphans from a sinking steamer, Superman arrives to continue his interrupted date with Lana, carrying five orphans in tow. Lana rams an ice cream on his forehead and tells him that she will never marry him. Her two friends tell Superboy not to worry as they will be his girlfriends and they are not as possessive as Lana.


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