The Last of the Mohicans by Shigeru Sugiura (Picturebox, 2013).

Hawkeye, aka La Carabine Kid, a spy for the British army during the early colonial era of North America, sees that the chief of the Mohican tribe and his son – the last surviving Mohicans – have been captured by their enemies, the Mingo tribe, who are allies of the French. After putting holes in all but one of the Mingo’s canoes, Hawkeye attacks the Mingo camp using his rifle and he escapes with the two Mohicans using the sound canoe. After fighting off a bear, the trio head for East Fort.

That night a messenger from the French arrives in the Mingo camp and passes on a request to the Mingo chief for him to lead an attack on East Fort at dawn. The two daughters of the English officer Colonel Munro are currently at East Fort, on their way to Fort Henry. The French want the Mingos to capture the two women and burn East Fort to the ground.

As dawn approaches, Hawkeye spots the Mingos arriving from the front and rear of the fort and hurries to warn the occupants. Alice and Cora Munro insist that they will help to defend the fort. After a ferocious battle, the Mingo attack is repelled. A party of six, including Hawkeye, the Munro sisters and the last of the Mohicans, is joined by a priest called Father Gamut as it departs for Fort Henry … image-30


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