‘The Secrets of Three Sunken Ships’ (Sea Devils # 13, DC Comics, September-October, 1963).

The ‘Sea Devils’ diving team are visited by three DC Comics’ artists or artist-combinations who take it in turns to chronicle a short adventure each. Readers are then invited to vote for their favourite art style.

Joe Kubert draws the opening story, wherein Dino imagines he is battling pirates after being rocked by an explosion from a missile fired by a ‘pirate’ submarine. Dino aims to restore the honour of his family name which had been lost when pirates robbed his ancestor, Captain English, of his honour by capturing the vessel he was commanding without a shot being fired.

image-8In the second story, drawn by Gene Colan, the Sea Devils travel back in time to help the Ancient Greeks repel an invasion by the Persians.

In the final story, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito depict the Sea Devils as they occupy a facsimile Marie Celeste to see if they can solve the famous mystery regarding what happened upon the original vessel. (This story is somewhat confused as it represents the Marie Celeste as having been lost at sea instead of having been found abandoned.) A giant alien boy captures the facsimile ship, with the Sea Devils on board, intending to keep it as a toy. The Sea Devils summon the boy’s parents to his bedroom. The boy’s parents then order him to return the ship to where he found it.image-11

I wonder who the readers voted for. I think Kubert comes off best in this instance. I would like to buy more issues of Sea Devils.


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