Dazzler # 1-2 (March & April, 1981).

In the first issue of her regular comics series, written by Tom DeFalco, with artwork by the team of John Romita, Jr. and Alfredo Alcala, we learn that Alison (Dazzler ) Blaire has come to New York to build a career as a singer. However, making her way as a musical performer has turned out to be much harder than she expected. She’s months behind on her rent. Her father has disowned her because he wanted her to go into the legal profession. In desperate need of funds, Alison reconsiders the X-Men’s offer of a place in their team. (Like the mutant X-Men, Alison was born with a special ability. She can convert sound into light.) For the present, Alison decides to continue trying to succeed on her own.

Meanwhile, in Asgard, the immortal magical being known as the Enchantress has discovered that there is about to be a shift in the cosmic axis which will allow her to access infinite power. A rift in the fabric of reality is scheduled to appear above the stage at a prominent New York night spot. Employing a magic spell, the Enchantress causes the disco’s regular singer to fall ill. The sorceress plans to attend the auditions which will be held for a replacement. The Asgardian is confident that, using her magic, she will be able to outperform all rival candidates and thus ensure that she is on the stage at the crucial moment.

At Avengers Mansion, the hirsute superhero known as the Beast reads a newspaper article about a New York night spot’s search for a replacement singer. Aware that his friend and fellow mutant, Alison Blaire is struggling to find work, the Beast contacts her and tells her about the auditions which are being held. Unfortunately, a page is missing from my copy at this point, but I gather that Alison uses her light powers to out-shine the Enchantress at the audition. The humiliated immortal vows revenge upon the mortal Dazzler for this affront.

image-89In Dazzler #2, most of the superheroes in New York attend Alison’s debut performance. The Enchantress also turns up and magically causes Alison to age rapidly while on stage. When the superheroes come to the Dazzler’s aid, the Enchantress summons a horde of demons and there is a big fight. The Dazzler herself dazzles the senior demon which attempts to pass through the rift in the fabric of reality. The dazzled entity retreats and the rift re-seals. The night club is wrecked but the Enchantress’ plan is foiled.

A music publisher comes out of hiding at this point and gives Alison the address of an agent called Harry Osgood. The Avengers fly Alison to the building where Osgood has his office. However, Osgood’s secretary refuses to let Alison speak to her employer. Appearing suddenly, the Beast startles the secretary and Alison is able to sneak into the agent’s office. Osgood, though, will not let her audition. The assembled superheroes break in through the office’s 39th storey window and demand to hear Alison sing. Iron Man provides music, using his armour to pick up radio waves. The heroes sit and listen while Alison sings. Impressed, Osgood offers her a contract.


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