The first story in Princess Tina Annual 1974 is ‘Patty’s World’. London girl Patty Lucas is on holiday at the seaside with her parents and she is bored because her friend Johnny Vowden hasn’t yet arrived. After climbing over a wall to retrieve a ball she’s lost, Patty meets a semi-paralyzed rich boy called Paul. Paul is bored too, and so he enjoys spending time with Patty. The pair  talk together for a while and Patty is invited back for dinner. When Patty returns to her hotel she finds Johnny has finally arrived. However, she now has another interest. That evening, there is a terrific rain-storm. Patty decides to go to Paul’s house anyway. When she arrives, Paul’s mother informs her that Paul needs urgent medical attention. The telephone lines are not working because of the storm. Patty races to fetch an ambulance. When Patty goes to visit Paul in hospital the next day, she finds his posh relatives gathered round his bed and decides that ‘does not belong’ there. She goes back to play with Johnny.

The next story is about ‘Janet Ross, Student Nurse’. Janet takes some young handicapped children to see a cricket match. A rich woman among the spectators is rude to the children. Her son Nigel is batting. He is struck on the head by the ball. Nurse Janet tends him and says he might be concussed. His mother, however, insists Nigel is perfectly fine. Later, Nigel falls off a foot-bridge and nearly hurts himself seriously. His mother thus learns her lesson and volunteers as a helper at the children’s ward.

In ‘Happy Days’, a plan to build a new indoor swimming pool at Sue Day’s school is threatened with cancellation. A council election is imminent, Sue’s mother decides to stand as a candidate. The opposition succeeds in portraying Mrs Day as an unfit mother. However, Sue and her friends trick the nasty rival candidate Mr. Jeevons into broadcasting his real opinions of the electorate over the public address system at a hustings. Mrs Day wins the election and the new swimming pool is saved!

‘Chairman  Cherry’ is a series about former office-cleaner Cherry Chick who was nominated Chairman (sic) of the Board at the Hartlands firm where she worked in the will of her deceased boss. In this story, Cherry takes to sunbathing on the roof of the company’s premises, much to the horror of her two besuited Managing Directors. While Cherry is on the roof, one lunch-time, Brenda Shaw, one of the company’s female office-cleaners, falls off the flag-pole. Brenda had tried to climb to the top of the pole in order to win a £5 bet she had made with some male colleagues, who said a ‘girl’ couldn’t do it. The Managing Directors say Brenda should be sacked. After learning that Brenda only tried to win the bet because she and her mother are struggling to pay their rent, Cherry climbs the flag-pole herself, wins the bet and gives the money to the cleaner.

Odd angles and strong style in Chairman Cherry’s artwork.



In ‘Barbie the Model Girl’, Barbie and her friend Midge are invited to travel free on a luxury cruise liner as representatives of, ‘Daisy’, the fashion magazine they write for. On the cruise, Barbie makes friends with a young steward, Roy Jones, who wants to be a portrait painter. Later, Barbie is accused of stealing a rich woman’s jewels after entering the wrong cabin by mistake. Happening on the scene, Roy draws a portrait from memory of a man who had bumped into him in that same corridor earlier. The Captain recognizes the man in the portrait as a passenger called Del Sardou, who has taken to his bed with chicken pox. The ship’s detective searches  Del Sardou’s bed and finds the stolen jewels.

The next day, while wandering around the port town of Sidi Berbera, Barbie realises that she has left a trinket she had bought from a stall in the bazaar (as a present for her mother) on the table at the café where she and Midge had stopped for a coffee. When the girls go back to the café, the waiter is at first reluctant to return the package. However, he eventually hands it over. The girls are then followed by strange men in Arabian robes, who turn out to be police officers. At the police station, Barbie is told to open the package which the waiter gave to her. The package contains a valuable diamond and emerald brooch. Since the waiter must in the mean time have realised that he has made a serious mistake, the police inspector makes a special request. He wants the girls to spend the night at a hotel in the city, so that the waiter may have a chance to attempt to regain the brooch. The inspector arranges with the Captain of the cruise liner for the girls to be picked up at the ship’s next port of call. That night, as the girls lie in their beds in their shared room in the hotel, a man enters the room via the window. Barbie fells the intruder with a pillow and the police arrive, summoned by an alarm. Since her mother’s gift could not be recovered, the police provide Barbie with an expensive replacement.

In ‘Life With Tina’, Tina wants to visit a fair which has come to her town, but she is broke. Luckily, her father runs an employment agency. He offers Tina temporary work as a cashier for a puppet show at the fair. The puppet show is doing badly and Percy the puppeteer’s debts are mounting. To help Percy, Tina makes some new fashionable designs for the puppets to wear. Still, there is a lack of customers because a very busy ice cream stand is too close to the show. After Tina attaches a sign saying PUPPETS THIS WAY to the ice cream stand, the crowds start to attend. Unfortunately, Percy passes out from the heat during a performance. Tina interacts with the puppets until Percy recovers. The improvisation proves a great hit and so Percy and Tina make it a regular part of the act.

One day, Tina notices the tent is collapsing mid-performance. She improvises again by suggesting that she and the audience take the puppet-dog for a walk. The audience follow Tina and leave the tent just before it collapses. Nonetheless, one problem remains: who will take Tina’s place when the fair moves on to the next town?

During another performance, a girl in the audience hands a string of expensive-looking gems to Tina when puppet Jill says she wishes she had some beads like her grandmother’s. Tina puts the string of gems around Jill’s neck. A burly man comes up, asking where Tina got the necklace. The puppets tell him to mind his own business. At this point, a police officer arrives. It turns out that the burly man is a jewel thief. Patsy, the girl who passed the gems to Tina, had seen the thief hide the jewels. Taking the gems, Patsy had mixed with the crowd at the puppet show. When it is revealed that Patsy is an orphan, Percy adopts her and takes her on the road with him as Tina’s replacement.

In ‘Alana, the Wild One’, Alana is having a party with some of her London friends when she receives a special delivery letter from her grandfather, inviting her to come at once to his remote Scottish home, Cockiereekie Castle. After getting off a small train at a lonely Scottish siding, Alana has to cross five miles of rugged moorland to reach the castle. Even then she has to cross a loch in a boat without oars by pulling on a rope. As she crosses the loch, the rope breaks. Swimming to shore, Alana finds the rope had been cut. She meets a young man called Ian Craig, one of her grandfather’s neighbours. Ian explains that Alana’s grandfather recently hit his head in a riding accident and has shut himself up in the castle. Learning that Alana was the old man’s only living relative, Ian sent the special delivery letter, hoping that Alana’s presence might improve her grandfather’s mental state. Suspecting that Ian cut the rope as she crossed the loch, Alana turns down his offer of a bed for the night at his house. Instead, she sleeps on straw in an out-house in the castle’s grounds. Next day, a sea monster attacks Alana when she bathes in the loch. Later, Alana discovers that the ‘monster’ is made of steel. She climbs one of the castle’s towers to reach her grandfather, who is teetering on a parapet. The old man falls but lands on a flagpole. Ian helps Alana to get her grandfather down safely. When the old man regains consciousness, he recognises Alana and has no memory of his solitary period. He does not even remember building the steel ‘monster’. Alana then invites her London friends up to the castle for another party.image-79




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