Devil Kids Starring Hot Stuff #86 (January, 1978).

In this issue’s first story, ‘Fireball’, Hot Stuff, a friendly little red devil, tries to find a way of disposing of a super-hot meteorite which has landed on the earth and is burning up his favourite sites. But it’s the second Hot Stuff story, ‘Cousin Meanly’, that I want to describe in more detail. As mentioned, Hot Stuff is a friendly devil, but his cousin Meanly is, as his name implies, a mean devil. He takes revenge on anything that annoys him. When a mosquito stings him, he blasts it with fire from his pitch-fork. When he walks into a tree branch, he blames the tree and burns it. Appalled by this behaviour, Hot Stuff has an idea. As Meanly sits down on a rock, Hot Stuff carefully bends his cousin’s tail so that Meanly sits on the pointed end and wounds himself in the bottom. He blasts his own tail with fire and suffers even more. There are lessons here for dealing with people who blame others for the negative results of their own actions. image-46

In the issue’s final story, ‘Beyond Belief’, starring Stumbo the Giant, a man called Mr. Quiver  visits his psychiatrist, Dr. Nutfixer, complaining that he has an awful imagination which always frightens him. Hence, when a puppy runs into the Counselling Room, Mr. Quiver thinks it’s a monster. Dr.  Nutfixer advises Mr. Quiver to face up to his hallucinations calmly and accept them as natural. Mr. Quiver thanks the doctor and goes for a relaxing drive in the countryside where he sees Stumbo the Giant sneezing and blowing mountains over. Mr. Quiver concludes he must be cured after seeing this ‘imaginary giant’ and accepting it as natural. He drives back to tell the doctor how well the cure is working but the surgery is closed. Out driving himself, Dr. Nutfixer has also seen Stumbo and now thinks he’s caught Mr. Quiver’s complaint.



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